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Come and meet us at FileMaker Devcon 2014
FileMaker Inc. announced this week the full schedule for the FileMaker Developer Conference 2014 to the world.

Like previous years myFMbutler will participate this event. Please, be welcome on our booth between the sessions to give your feedback or have a small talk.

On Wednesday 30th of July at 10:45 AM, Loïc Eeckhout will present a vendor session about mass mailing with AutoSender 3.2.

We hope to see you all in San Antonio!

myFMbutler Clip Manager Express 1.1 for Windows brings support for FileMaker Pro 13
myFMbutler’s Clip Manager Express was already available in Japanese. With version 1.1 we also welcome the Spanish-speaking community.

myFMbutler's Clip Manager Express for Windows is a program that allows you to store FileMaker fields, tables, scripts, script steps, custom functions and layout objects in an easy-to-use library.

Read more about it

AutoSender 3.2 - automatic e-mailing from FileMaker Server 12
AutoSender 3.2 is our easy-to-implement solution for automatically sending mail messages from FileMaker Server 12.

More details about what's new in this version are available on the AutoSender
product page.

FileMaker 12 Hosting myFMbutler
We offer 2 distinct types of FileMaker 12 hosting services:
• Shared hosting
• Dedicated hosting

More info...

DoSQL 2.0 released
In FileMaker Pro 12, FileMaker inc. introduced a new calculation function, called executeSQL(). The benefits are legio but although the new function is fast and straightforward, there are still some caveats.

So, today we are proud to announce our newest version myFMbutler doSQL 2.0. Better and faster, for everyone who wants to do more with SQL in FileMaker Pro 12.

Go tho the
DoSQL product page.

Clip Manager 4.1 for Mac OS X brings FileMaker 12 Compatibility
Clip Manager 4.1 version brings full support for the just released FileMaker Pro 12.
Clip Manager 4.1 is currently available for Mac OS X (Intel only).

We will soon announce a new version of Clip Manager for windows, called "Clip Manager Express".

Read more about it

PrinterSwitch 2.1 for Mac OS X & Windows
PrinterSwitch 2.1, a maintenance upgrade to the plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X that allows you to easily control printer switching from within your FileMaker solutions, is now available.

More information on the
PrinterSwitch product page.

What's new in PrinterSwitch 2.0 ?
• Now fully compatible with FileMaker Pro 11
• [Mac OS X only] Added Capture / Restore functionality for page orientation, paper size and paper source - this feature was already available in the Windows version
• [Windows only] Integrated version 4 of the Amyuni PDF driver for compatibility with Windows 7 and improved compatibility with Windows Vista (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions)
• Added PrSw_VersionAutoUpdate function for use with FMS Autoupdate
• Changed installer so the plug-in is automatically installed in the FMS AutoUpdate location

Check out
the purchase page for pricing information. If you purchased PrinterSwitch 1.7 after January 1st, 2010, the upgrade is free of charge.

Read the article here.

If you encounter any other issues with one of our products in combination with FileMaker 11, please let us know via
our support page.

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What our customers say about PrinterSwitch:

This is a highly recommended plug-in which will probably solve all your FileMaker printing problems on Windows completely.

a customer from the UK


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